Compliance management system manager (ISO 37301)

This online course provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the implementation of compliance management systems (CMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 37301:2021 «Compliance management systems – Requirements with guidance for use».

Training participants will acquire knowledge about the CMS components, learn how to mitigate the risks of interaction with sanctioned persons, what documents are required for the implementation of the CMS and how to continually improve the CMS and its effectiveness.


24 hours




100% online


• Understand the principles of the CMS implementation in accordance with the requirements of ISO 37301:2021

• Get a complete understanding of the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques necessary for the effective and efficient management of the CMS

• Acquire knowledge about the identification of risks and opportunities related to the CMS

• Understand the relationship between the CMS and compliance with the requirements of various interested parties of the organization

• Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for advising organizations on best practices for mitigating sanctions risks

• Get familiar with the specifics of preparing and conducting an internal audit of the CMS

• Understand how to maintain the CMS in accordance with the requirements of ISO 37301:2021

• Improve the ability to analyze the internal and external environment of the organization and decision-making in the context of the CMS

Target audience

• Heads of departments

• Project managers and consultants who wish to master the CMS audit process

• Members of the CMS implementation team at the enterprise

• Professionals who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of the CMS

• Specialists involved in daily support of the CMS processes

Document on completion

CMS manager certificate, listed in the SIC international registry

Evaluation scale




Does not comply

Thematic plan

The course program includes the «Compliance Management Systems (ISO 37301:2021)» module.

The program is designed for 24 hours, including time for studying theoretical material and taking tests.


Module 1 Compliance management systems (ISO 37301:2021)

Number of hours

1 Introduction. Framework of the standard 1,5
2 Context of the organization 2,5
3 Leadership 2,5
4 Planning 2,5
5 Support 3
6 Operation 3,5
7 Performance evaluation 2,5
8 Improvement 1
9 Examples of documents 4
  Testing 1


Detailed content of the program Module 1 Compliance management systems (ISO 37301:2021)


Foreword. Framework of the standard


–       Introduction

–       Scope

–       Terms and definitions


Context of the organization

–       Understanding the organization and its context

–       Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

–       Determining the scope

–       Compliance management system

–       Compliance obligations

–       Compliance risk assessment



–       Leadership and commitment:

•        Governing body and top management

•        Compliance culture and compliance governance

–       Compliance policy

–       Roles, responsibilities and authorities: governing body, top management, compliance function, management, personnel 



–       Actions to address risks and opportunities

–       Compliance objectives and planning to achieve them

–       Planning changes



–       Resources

–       Competence: hiring, training

–       Awareness

–       Communication

–       Documented information




–       Operational planning and control

–       Establishing controls and procedures

–       Raising concerns

–       Investigation processes


Performance evaluation

–       Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

·        Sources of feedback on compliance performance

·        Development of indicators

·        Compliance reporting and record-keeping

–       Internal audit

–       Management review



–       Continual improvement

–       Nonconformity and corrective action